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Smedarbetaren Ola Bondeson

Man 1864 - 1962  (97 år)

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  • Namn Ola Bondeson  [1
    Titel Smedarbetaren 
    Födelse 03 Jan 1864  Åraslöf 1, Nosaby, Skåne län, Sverige Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats  [2
    Kön Man 
    1962  San Diego, Kalifornien, USA Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats 
    Person-ID I155  Bjara | Vibygrenen
    Senast ändrad 9 Maj 2012 

    Far Bonde Nilsson,   f. 18 Maj 1830, Gustaf Adolf (Hoslöv nr 16),Viby,Kristianstads län, Sverige Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna platsd. 11 Dec 1907, Nosaby 8:3 Hammar, Nosaby,Kristianstads län,Sverige Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats (Ålder 77 år) 
    Relation Natural 
    26 Jun 1857  Nosaby (Skåne fd Kristianstads län),Sverige Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats 
    Familjens ID F69  Familjeöversikt  |  

  • Noteringar 
    • Ola emigrated from the Parish of Kritianstad 1882-03-29. He was a blacksmith.
      In the census it is said that Ola moved from Kristianstad 19th of November 1881.
      He came to USA 1881 and he was 17 years old.
      He worked from 1901 as a farmer in Vaynet Minnesota.. He than moved west because bad farmingconditions.
      He set up his own farm at Devils Lake North Dakota Sankt Reach Montana Mace close to Wallace.
      He set up wooden houses and rented them out in the Goldmining town of Burke Idaho.
      He was the owner of the Waterwork in Greenacres Spokane in the state of Washington.

      Ola utvandrade från Kristianstads Stadsförsamling 1882-03-29. Han var smedarbetare.
      (Källa husförhörslängden sid 1108 utfl plats 187)

      I husförhörslängden står det att Ola flyttade till Kristianstad 19/11/81.

      Enligt Census 1920 och 1930 kom Ola till USA 1881. Se Census.

      Ola emigrerade via Köpenhamn till New York 13 april 1882 med fartyget Thingvalla. (Källa Danska Statens Utvandrardatabas kontrakt 99300)

      Kom till USA 1881 vid en ålder av 17 år. (Källa: Thelma Gibson)

      Arbetade från 1901 för en farmare i Vaynet Minnesota. Flyttade sedan västerut p.g.a missväxt.
      Startade en egen farm vid Devils Lake North Dakota
      Sankt Reach Montana
      Mace nära Wallace
      Byggde hus av trä och hyrde ut i guldgrävarstaden Burke Idaho.
      Startade och ägde vattenverket i Greenacres Spokane i staten Washington.

      Following is written by Thelma Gibson in May 1998:

      Ole and Beulah lived in Mace, Idaho when first married and Ole ran a saloon and had miners cabins for rent with running water. The first in any of the homes. Kenneth and Vera were born there. After a few years at Valleyford WA where Ole tried to be a farmer they moved to Greenacres Approx 1918. Ole bought the domestic water company. Thelma was born there in 1920. They lived in a small house that is still on the lot. In 1925 Ole borrowed money from an old skinflint named willie Schrap and built the Greenacres house.

      Thelma remembers the family sleeping in a wood and Canvastype building that summer and they moved into the new house in the fall. According to Vera´s 2 year diary that was found in the attic area by the Battermans and given to Thelma and Zona in 1996. The first dinner in the new house was on Oct 25 1925. According to her ''It was grand but daddy seemed worried''.

      During the depression Beulah took in teachers for room and board. People could not afford to pay the USD 1,75 monthly water bill. So we were furnished with all sorts of food - eggs, milk, butter, chickens, rabbits, vegetables and fruits that Beulah would can and preserve. The good old barter system !. For a few years Ole could only pay the interest on the loan but before too long the mortgage was paid ! He worked many odds jobs for others to accomplish this.

      Beulah was a great gardener and her yard was voted first place 2 years in the valley garden contest.

      There was also a flourishing vegetable garden on the back of the lot and Ole had some prize concord grapes that he turned into a beautiful wine every year. Even during the war years when sugar was rationed, he managed to scrape up enough stamps for the purchasing of sugar. The wine aged in the fruit cellar under the living room near the fireplace. Sometimes the corks would pop out of the barrels and hit underneath the livingroom floor. There was an asparagas patch in the garden and we had pheasant a few times out of season - thanks to Kenneth's good aim.

      The Greenacres House was the gathering place at holiday time for all the relatives.

      Vera and Frenchy Brandt had their wedding reception in the yard in 1933.

      Kenneth and Evelyn were married in the living room in 1934.

      Zona, Charles and Kari all had their wedding receptions in the living room also.

      By 1950 Ole and Beaulah moved to San Diego and Kenneth and Evelyn moved into the Greenacres House with their children. So another family of Nilsons grew up in the house. Evelyn Nilson died unexpectedly in 1974 and after a few years Ken remarried and sold the family home in the late 70's.

      This is from Emmet Smith remembering visits with Ole & Beulah Nilson in San Diego while in the USN boot camp.

      In 1953 at San Diego USN boot camp I recieved Sunday passes and went to lok up Ole & Beulah Nilson as I had delivered the newspaper to the in Greenacres years ago.

      I was very warmly welcomed and Ole had a chair placed next to his chair so he and I could hear each other well.

      Our visiting was of the early days.

      Ola was in Mace Idaho when the Saloon caught fire and burned down. The contents were saved by Ole and another man and they bought the liquir and with two saw horses and a plank of wood sold drinks whle the fire was still burning. Ole then rebuilt the saloon. It was never mentioned that he bought his partner out or when.Ole then built a second building that he called the Beanery. He rented this to two ladies and never operated it himself. He then enclosed between the two building and this was the Sportin house, the ladies at the Beanery managed it.

      Oles next venture was to develop a spring up the hillside for water to the saloon and beanery. There was a string of tar-paper shacks along the road and since they were getting water from the saloon and beanery anyway Ole ran a pipeline with faucets in fron of each cabin and charged them for the water.

      One night Ole got word that two guys were going to hold him up on his way to his cabin so he stayed all night in the saloon with his pistol ready. The next morning the two guys were long gone.

      I dont remember Ole ever talking about Wallace, he did mention Burke a lot. I dont know if he rode the train to Burke for supplies or if he got them right off the train in Mace.

      Ole met Beulah while she was working at the beanery. They bought the farm at Valleyford but had it a very short time, Beulah saying ''Ole was no farmer**. They traded the farm for the Greenacres water works and moved there in 1917.

      In 1952 my older brother Dennis and I were working at Idependent Lumber company in Spokane, the family that owned it bought the Wallace Lumber and Fuel Co, and Dennis went up to Wallace as manager. While there for 6 years (the new freeway bought them out) he met and served on the chamber of commerce with Fat Hull who owned a Avern in Wallace. They became good friends Fat Hull was related to Grandpa George Hull.

  • Källor 
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      Rinkaby 10

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